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I hadn't noticed any problems with Otis before the treatments. He had no pain in any area but Lizzie found that he was very stiff in his front legs, hind legs and neck. He made a marked improvement after the first and second treatments and after switching to walking him on a harness (after Lizzie recommended it), he is much more flexible in his neck and front leg areas, but needs a bit more work on his back legs which are still stiff. In terms of his behaviour, I think the treatments have really helped to relax him and have made him a lot calmer and more manageable on his walks. He seems happier now too. I will definitely continue with the treatments with Lizzie, as she is very good and I trust her advice. I would recommend the therapy to other dog owners.
claire lundie and otis, the husky

I am the owner of Captain Jack, my four year old Springer Spaniel. Last May he suffered a terrible accident whilst jumping into a lake he regularly swims in. The lake had been filled with rocks and when diving in to the area he always does he suffered fractures and dislocations to both his front legs. I was distraught and feared the worst. He underwent major surgery at an animal hospital at great expense. Worth every penny and insured for most of it. After 3 months of cage and pen bound confinement he started to walk again and soon showed signs of a wish to run and enjoy himself. However he was very sore and compensating his injuries by leaning awkwardly and walking incorrectly. Lizzie at Healing Paws came highly recommended by a friend at work. Lizzie came to visit Jack and assessed his needs and devised a course of appropriate treatment for him and a timetable for visits. She has great personable qualities and Jack took to her kind nature straight away. He looks elated every time Lizzie sees him and although he can be stubborn at times, he is like putty in her hands. Lizzie trained me and my girlfriend to carry out a daily massage and stretch routine to ease jacks rehabilitation and this has proved priceless. My boy has been running around for some months now like nothing happened to him and has regained confidence to swim again. Itís a real treat and I owe a great deal of gratitude to Lizzie and Healing Paws. I would highly recommend her and her services to anyone who has a pet with an injury or concern.
will & jack the springer spaniel

Lizzie has built up a good friendship with Dori. After the first visit Dori knew what Lizzie was coming for and got more and more excited every time she saw her. Dori thoroughly enjoys her massages, even more than anticipated. As a Boxer, she is known for her crazy, excitable behaviour but she lies still and calm and enjoys every minute. Lizzie is great with people as well as our canine friends and strikes up conversation with my family, who were at first sceptical about canine massage and the benefits. However, they all love Lizzie coming round as much as Dori and are all amazed at the difference in Dori and how much she enjoys it.
I would definitely recommend Lizzie and canine massage.

claire foster and dori, the boxer

Jazz enjoys his sessions with Lizzie. He likes being fussed over so this is right up his street! He saw a chiropractor 18 months ago when he hurt his back, so this was not his first experience of therapeutic help. There is a definite tension in the area of his back that he had previously hurt, so it is lovely to feel that Jazz is benefitting from something that could really help him, as he has an underlying weakness and he also pulled a muscle while on holiday and was in terrible pain. Because of this we would very much like to access more massage for Jazz both as a preventative and as a treat for him!
jackie grimes and jazz, the bernese mountain

Number one asset of Healing Paws is Lizzie. Always cheerful and, importantly, our boxer, Doreen, is as pleased to see her as we are! And that's because she knows that what Lizzie does to her is nice - but it isn't just about spoiling the dog, there is something genuinely remedial in what Healing Paws offers.
Doreen is nearly 7 years old now but, like all boxers, the brain has not matured and she still thinks like a one year old. So, playing with other dogs, she is prone to overdo it. Cue Lizzie and those magic hands and the muscle strains are put to rest and the dog can enjoy her time in the park.
May be related, maybe not - Doreen has not been near a vet since we have known about Lizzie and Healing Paws - it means that the service is great value as well as being good for Doreen.

tim and doreen, the boxer

Hooch hurt his left shoulder and was limping badly. The vets gave him a course of pain killers and anti-inflammatories, but once the course was finished the limping returned again. Lizzie treated Hooch with massage and stretching techniques, followed by ice packs and hot and cold packs to the affected area, and has now introduced Hooch to the exercise ball.
Hooch's range of movement is now excellent; his mobility is 100%, no more limping and pain for him. Lizzie is amazing; she really does have healing hands. We canít thank her enough for what she has achieved with Hooch, and would not hesitate is recommending her or using her in the future if need be.
Hooch is a big part of our lives and to have him back fit and pain-free means so much to us. Thank you Lizzie!

jason and michelle and hooch the staffie

When I took on (rescued) my American Bulldog at the age of 2 just after having had a litter of 5 big puppies, I noticed her limping after 30mins of walking. Then I realised that she wasn't actually putting any weight on that front leg either. I eventually took her to my vets who diagnosed her with untreated elbow dysplasia bilaterally. Her left elbow is so bad that even the specialist vet was surprised she could walk at all!
6 months later, her right cruciate ligaments went and she had to have surgery. I was then told that normally, the other cruciate ligaments go within 12 to 18 months later. That's when I met lovely Lizzie at 'Paws in the Park'. By then, I was desperate to find help for my girl as no-one else was giving me any hope and I thought I would loose my dog at an early age!
Lizzie is our hero! Not only has she improved my dog's elbow, she has also saved her from surgery as two and a half years later, her other cruciate ligament is still going strong!!
Bella (my dog), loves Lizzie, she goes straight on the mat after greeting Lizzie and expects her treatment to start straight away - we are not allowed to chat first! Bella is sooo relaxed during the whole session, Lizzie can do whatever she wants, there is total trust in her from Bella!
Bella is now 5 years old and she is going stronger then ever, we are still doing our one hour daily walks without problems! It is unbelievable when you think that I was made to believe Bella would probably not be with us anymore by the time she reached this birthday...
Being a physiotherapist myself, I understand the treatments Lizzie does and they make perfect sense!
Bella and I highly recommend Lizzie! She has also become a dear friend to both of us.

martine and bella, the american bulldog

I was very glad to meet Lizzie . . . but not as much as my dogs. We have two labradors, one of which is elderly and Lizzie's treatments make all the difference. Not only do the dogs really enjoy their massage, but Lizzie explains to us what the problems are and how we can help by adapting how we walk them and by doing a few simple exercises with them, we can maintain Lizzie's good work.
Both dogs must 'sit' before we feed them but we'd given up with the older one as she was too stiff to sit comfortably but after only the second of Lizzie's treatments, she was back to sitting happily when the food bowl came out, and still is.
Lizzie is evidently highly trained and very knowledgeable with an obvious love of dogs but she is also a lovely person and it is always a pleasure to see her - and the dogs agree!

katherine b and molly & jacko, the labs


I got in touch with Lizzie as our youngest of 4 Weimaraners, Ischia was carrying her back leg. As she was under a year old this was a worry. Lizzie started treating her and in no time she was running about like a mad thing and was also now able to jump into the car which she had been very reluctant to do. I had also noticed Darcy our 5 year old bitch was very lethargic and not keen on her walks. Lizzie checked her over & put this down to a spasm in her back. Since she has been treating her she is like a puppy again. She really looks forward to her walks and charges around and has lost loads of weight. Lizzie has also been treating our 8 year old boy Benz who had a puncture wound in his leg. This resulted in an operation to remove scar tissue. Due to this injury he had been compensating with the opposite leg and this had also affected his back. Lizzie has vastly improved his mobility and he is now really on the road to full recovery. I donít know where we would be without her. She has transformed their lives and they so look forward to her visits. She is so bright & cheery and a pleasure to know. I would recommend her services to anyone without question.
tim & karen hall & the weimaraners

Lizzie has been seeing our Bernese Mountain Dog for over a year. With a tendency for the breed to have hip and hind leg weaknesses, we have Lizzie visit every month so that she can keep our nearly 7 year old Douglas as fit as possible. He snapped a cruciate ligament several years ago and though a good recovery, there is an occasional weakness in that leg. By working regularly on the muscles around the leg, and generally massaging, stretching and exercising his muscles, ligaments and joints, Lizzie has kept him agile and fit. She has given us a few exercises to do with him while out walking which continues to be beneficial. He is showing no particular signs of old age, even though 7 would be considered an average life for such a large breed.
She is a terrific girl, always smiling, calm and unfazed by the rigours of dealing with a big dog who is somewhat of a fidget!
I totally recommend her to anyone who is considering massage therapy for their dog, whether it be for a particular condition or just general maintenance.
Wizzo Denholm

wizzo & douglas the bernese mountain

I am the proud owner of a beautiful and very large and powerful 4 year old Bouvier Des Flandres called Barney. I know that large breeds are highly likely to get hip and or leg problems such as dysplasia and I researched this thoroughly. Although only young I thought I would ring around for help and advice. I rang Healing Paws and spoke to Lizzie, not only was she very friendly and reassuring I found her to be extremely professional and helpful with vast knowledge and advice. Lizzie has been treating Barney in a preventative measure now for a few months. Although there was no problem with Barney, Lizzie found very early signs that later on in his life may cause some discomfort to him, consequently has been massaging and manipulating his joints to great effect and he seems to have an extra spring in his step now too. Barney loves his treatment and really has taken to Lizzies calm and caring nature and Iím more than happy knowing that the treatment given by her along with the fantastic advice that the onset of any problems later in Barneys life will be at the very least greatly postponed or even prevented. I truly would recommend Healing Paws and Lizzie to anyone with a dog as she really does know her stuff and Iím very glad she is part of Barney's life and his wellbeing. First class treatment, advice and person.
kevin & barney the bouvier des flandre

I met Lizzie just over a year ago when my Tibetan Terrier Doorstep was limping on both front legs. Just before Lizzie arrived for his first appointment, my father noticed his dew claws were digging into his legs so when they were cut, he did not limp any more. However, I thought I would get Lizzie to do an MOT anyway. When she watched me walk him, she noticed he walked with straight front legs and was a bit stiff. I had thought it was quite a cute walk, but Lizzie pointed out that this was not right. So she gave him a check over and identified tight ligaments and stiffness and we embarked on 6 more sessions. Lizzie said that it was likely Doorstep would become more lively when he loosened up. He has been having regular massages over the year and I've seen a marked increase in activity - he jumps up, springs around the garden and plays with his new friend, my sister's 2 year old King Charles Spaniel. He is nearly 10, but acts like a teenager! He still likes to stay in bed until early afternoon if I don't get him up but when there is any action, he's right in the middle of it. It's great to see him in the best of health and I intend to carry on having quarterly massages - I just need to concentrate on me now!
karen & doorstep, the tibetan terrier

I phoned Lizzie to see if she could make my 13 year old dog's arthritic legs any better. With little mobility in her back knees she needed some relief. After just a couple of months of treatment, there has been tremendous improvement in all joints. With Lizzie's great enthusiasm of being able to help her canine clients and immense empathy her combination of massage and physio has marked a huge improvement. Lizzie has great rapport with the dogs and through her professionalism also able to know when the dog can and cannot be treated.
brenda adcock and kiera the red setter

I have been very impressed and pleased with Amber's progress. She is showing less fear aggression and seems to be missing Jasper less. (Jasper was my other dog who died a few months ago). She is regaining some of her lost confidence and is beginning to play again. She is also becoming more familiar with and fond of Lizzie. She is appearing to enjoy Lizzie's visits. I am really pleased with the improvement and would recommend canine massage therapy for aggression problems.
stewart jones and amber, the red setter

Clear and easy to read website, very informative.
Ria is 14 and Lizzie has been treating her for 2 years with massage therapy. Ria has arthritis and these sessions have helped her ability greatly. Lizzie is truly committed to her work and has a very caring attitude towards her four legged clients.

diane and ria

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